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Diana  Payne - Education Coordinator
Contact Info:

Connecticut Sea Grant
University of Connecticut
1080 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340-6048
Phone: (860) 405-9248
Fax: (860) 405-9109

Diana Payne
Education Coordinator
Connecticut Sea Grant


Primary COSEE Affiliation: TEK

Other affiliations:

Interaction with COSEE Network:

COSEE Evaluators Meetings, Attends External Advisory Committee meetings

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

BS Biology; MS Biology (focus on estuarine ecology); CT teacher certification in biology and general science for grades 7-12; PhD in Educational Psychology; have taught high school and college; 15+ years experience in formal and informal education environments; serve as CT Sea Grant Education Coordinator (ocean, estuarine and coastal science education/facilitation is what I do); 10+ years experience in leading teacher professional development, field experiences and teacher research experiences; 5+ years experience in designing, implementing and leading education assessment and evaluation projects - PhD included focus on quantitative and qualitative education research and evaluation techniques

Selected Publications:

Payne, D. L. (Ed.) (2009). Long Island Sound Curricular Resource Guide. Groton, CT: Connecticut Sea Grant. CT-SG-09-01. 148 pages.

Babb, I. G., & Payne, D. L. (2009). Teacher research experiences: Evaluating the effectiveness of oceanographic discovery as professional development opportunity. Association for Science Teacher Education annual conference, Hartford, CT, January 10.

Payne, D. L. (2008). Changes in science teacher beliefs about science and science teaching after participation in a Teacher Research Experience. Association for Science Teacher Education annual conference, St. Louis, MO, January 10.

 Day-Miller, E., & Payne, D. (2008). Ocean Exploration Professional Development Institute Evaluation.

Payne, D. L. (2007). Teacher research experiences, epistemology, and student attitudes toward science. Doctoral dissertation, University of Connecticut. 177 pages.

Payne, D. L. (2006). A Teacher Research Experience: Immersion into the world of practicing scientists. American Geophysical Union annual conference, San Francisco, CA. December 11.

Payne, D. L. (2006). Development and validation of the Science Teacher Beliefs About Science (STBAS) instrument. Connecticut Journal of Science Education, 44(1), 22-30.

Payne, D. (2006). Under pressure: A study of issues in oceanography. The Science Teacher, 73(6), 30-35.

Payne, D. L., Reed, R., & Babb, I. (2006). An analysis of a Teacher Research Experience as professional development for inservice teachers. Association for Science Teacher Education annual conference, Portland, OR, January 14.

Reed, R.E.S., Payne, D.L., & Babb, I.G. (2005). Advancing collaboration: Analysis of the effectiveness of research and education partnerships at sea using real-time technology and professional development.  MTS/IEEE One Ocean conference, Washington DC, September 21.

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